Locally owned and Oahu based.

Islandwebtek builds websites for small to medium business,non-profits,organizations and schools.We also remove malware,repair broken websites,and migrate websites.

We work on Wordpress,specific flat file CMS and static websites(like this website).

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COVID-19 Shutdown Keeping Busy

Being inactive is one of the reasons people get depressed.Your mind starts to wander,looking at all the negativity,what could have been,and feeling sorry for yourself.

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How To Force Server To Use SSL

If you have a SSL certificate,it is installed on your webserver,and it is current(not expired)but you do not see the padlock in your browers verifying that your website is SSL secured.

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Eversince I started freelancing, I have had several inquiries about building an online store. In most instances, the potential client did not realize their responsibilities on what to provide the web developer to built their website.

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3D Rotating
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