About Islandwebtek


A local web design shop serving Hawaii since 2008

Gerald Watanabe
A local free lance web designer operating from Hawaii.
Although I learned coding and built my first website in 1999, Islandwebtek didn't open it's doors as a business until 2008.
I have seen the world of web development come a long way, with all the various trends, techniques, and technologies.
Read more about my web experience:
About Long Version

Working Coding Skills
HTML | CSS | Java Script | the foundation to any website.

Basic Working Knowledge:
SEO | Web Security | Ecommerce | Website Migration | Fix Hacked Websites | Wordpress: Single, Multisite | Static Sites

Woocommerce | Shopify | Lemondstand

Currently Learning/Playing With:
CSS Animations | ES6 | React

People Skills
Communication | Listener | Patient

Wordpress Certification
Free Code Camp:

Learn to code and help nonprofits
Front End Developer playground
is one of the world leaders in stock photography